To clients

1. What is an outsourced call center?

Our company provides incoming and outgoing line services on behalf of your company. Reception and implementation of calls is carried out exclusively by competent and qualified personnel. Your company eliminates the need to keep a large staff of people for such tasks - we will do everything for you.

2. Why do you need a starting line?

With outgoing calls, customers (your potential customers) will be able to learn more about your products, services and the company as a whole. This is what we call information. Also, we use the hotline for cold calls to sell your products and services.

3. Why do you need an input line?

Through the incoming line, we accept calls from your customers to advise them on your products / services, as well as for sales purposes. Our company can be a full-fledged hotline of your company or technical support.

4. How much do Zenko Group services cost?

We calculate the cost for each client individually, because the requests and conditions of projects are radically different from each other. Write to us and we will calculate your project in the near future.

5. What is the conversion of Zenko Group bases?

The maximum conversion for one of our projects (target - sales) was 53.16%.

6. How is the cooperation made out?

We sign a Service Agreement, NDA Agreement, SLA Agreement and other documents with all clients. You will be assured of the quality of services, as well as the confidentiality of personal data and trade secrets.

Write to us

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    1. What project will I work on?

    After the interview, our HR specialist will talk about current projects. You can choose the one that impresses you the most.

    2. What is the schedule and mode of operation?

    Our working conditions are quite flexible. We will be able to choose the most convenient schedule and mode of operation for you. You can work full time, half day, several hours or work night shifts.

    3. What will my salary be?

    The reward system is different for each of our projects. But rest assured that you can earn a decent living by working even a few hours a day. We have employees who have been working for more than 5 years. They are satisfied.
    You will be able to learn all the details at the interview.

    4. How will I be decorated?

    Once you have completed the interview and training stages, Zenko Group will enter into an Agreement with you. All our working relationships are official.

    5. Will there be bonuses or bonuses?

    So. Both bonuses and bonuses are an integral part of your motivation, and our employees constantly receive them.

    6. Can I go on vacation?

    Of course. Our relationship is formalized and vacation is part of our arrangements.

    7. Can I work on an individual schedule?

    So. We are always in the position of our staff and can provide you with an individual schedule on a temporary or permanent basis.

    Remaining questions?

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