Zenko Group - outsourcing call center. The main areas of work are providing outgoing and incoming phone calls for various businesses in the market of Ukraine and Europe. The company focuses on quality, convenience and speed of tasks. Every month we supplement our interaction technologies, honestly control the quality of production.

By becoming our customer, you will not worry about the quality of service, and your customers will receive quality and complete information.

Philosophy. The philosophy of our company is a customer who is completely satisfied with the results of our specialists. In addition to the required volume and quality of services, we guarantee convenience in cooperation and communication.

Mission. Regardless of the size of the business, signing the contract, our customer must be confident in the successful outcome of the project. Startup or large-scale production - we must find a solution to the situation and resolve it as soon as possible.

Production department . The main task in launching a new project is to build production in such a way as to efficiently use every minute of our specialists. Thanks to new technologies and their own method of motivation, the employee produces maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Quality department . We use our own method of tracking quality indicators, it is she who showed a high level of accuracy and speed. Each project is assigned to one or another technology that will show the efficiency of each operator and correct minor deviations in the project.

Our key suggestions

Services we provide professionally

Input line

We will help you answer all your incoming calls in accordance with the SLA requirements.


We will call all the cold and warm base for information and sales.

Emails & Chats

We will promptly inform your customers in e-mail and chats.
We work in 3 cities of Ukraine

Sumy office -

opening date: May 2017

number of places: 80

office area: 400 square meters.

head of the office: Kizimova Anna



Office in Pryluky -

opening date: September 2018

number of places: 25

office area: 150 sq. m.

head of the office: Marina Prikhodko



Office in Kremenchuk -

opening date: December 2021

number of seats: 40

office area: 250 sq. m.

head of the office: Hoda Irina

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Our company in numbers

Evidence of the company's growth

The companies we work with
Implemented projects
Years of experience
Employees in Ukraine
Teamwork, creativity, scrupulousness and professionalism are what make us one of the best.
History of Zenko Group

We like our work and we enjoy the result more and more every year.


The beginning has been laid
Opening a company with two small orders for outbound services


Capital and client portfolio growth


Approval of the company's structure and system business processes


Zenko Group is increasing its turnover and becoming one of the largest players in the Ukrainian market. Opening of an office in Sumy


Tenders and large projects
A number of victories in tenders and the involvement of major partners. Opening of an office in Pryluky


We are expanding
Increasing jobs in working offices. Participation in the presidential election campaign


Process optimization
Expanding the client portfolio. Quarantine and remote work


Growth continues
Opening of an office in Kremenchuk


Let's stand it!
Assistance to Ukrainians during the war. Socially important projects