We will be useful - if you need:

Input line

We will help you answer all your incoming calls in accordance with the SLA requirements.


We will call all the cold and warm base for information and sales.

Emails & Chats

We will promptly inform your customers in e-mail and chats.
Pay for Result
We are one of the few companies that is ready to accept payment only after the result.
We will increase sales and increase the loyalty of your customers, and then form a sales forecast for the future. We are used to working on a win-win basis.

Businesses of our clients

We work with such companies and help them become better in the market


Bank hotline and sale of bank cards on a cold base.


Entrance line for informing customers and selling tickets.

Insurance companies

Incoming and hotline for current customers and sales on a cold base.

Medical companies

Incoming and hotline information.

Online stores

Entrance line to sell goods and agitate customers for additional purchases.

Construction companies

Entry line - the first contact with the client and the sale of the meeting in the partner's office.
Job application

    Start earning in our team
    Become a part of a successful company today:
    • Fill out the application on the website or call the number in the contacts
    • Come to a personal meeting to interview our HR specialist
    • Choose the appropriate project and work schedule. We flew!


    We guarantee the confidentiality of your project in accordance with the NDA agreement.

    Quality of services

    We adhere to our responsibilities. We prescribe quality conditions in the SLA agreement.


    The most competitive price on the market of outsourced contact center services.


    The quality control and correction department analyzes the work of each project and provides you with a report on the work done.
    CRM & ATC


    We provide our own systems or use yours. We can also integrate them.

    Certified staff

    Each employee goes through several stages of training and passes several certifications before entering the line.
    The companies we work with
    Employees throughout Ukraine
    Years of experience
    Implemented projects around the world
    Among our clients

    Trust us with your customers and we will surprise you with a high result

    What they say about us

    Feedback from customers, partners and employees confirms the quality work of the Zenko Group team.

    How will we be useful?
    • Favorable prices in the market of outsourcing call centers.
    • Payment only for the result.
    • Postpayment, based on the results of the period.
    • Only highly qualified staff on projects.
    • Round-the-clock work of the quality control and correction department.
    • Systematic analysis of projects and generation of reports according to the requirements of the Customer.
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    Find out how the company lives and works from the news